One year after the election-night shooting that left one man dead at a Parti Québécois victory rally, the party is now trying to raise funds for one of the victims.

Dave Courage was shot and injured last Sept. 4, allegedly by a housecoat-clad Richard Bain. He was struck by the same bullet that killed his co-worker, Denis Blanchette.

Courage suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the shooting and has moved away from Montreal with his family to try to forget the events of that night.

He told CBC News in August that he suffers from constant pain and fear, and feels he was abandoned by the PQ after the shooting.

"I feel like they brush me off every chance they get. I feel like they’re playing the political game. They’re giving me promises but no action," Courage said.

He currently receives $50 a day from the province’s workplace health and safety board — not enough, he said, to take care of him, his spouse and their three children.

In court on Tuesday, even the alleged shooter acknowledged the challenges Courage has faced since that fateful night.

"This man is suffering. He’s in pain. He needs money," Bain said. "He’s in a depression."

"Please raise funds to help this man and his family," he continued.

The Premier’s press attaché told La Presse the party feels some responsibility because it believes Pauline Marois was the intended target of the shooting.

The PQ announced this week it will be collecting funds for Courage this Thursday.

Courage’s mother Yvonne said it feels good to know that someone is finally helping him.