Parti Québécois Leader Pauline Marois is in a full-blown leadership crisis as discontent appears to be spreading through the caucus. 

PQ MNAs who quit party

  • Benoît Charette.
  • Louise Beaudoin.
  • Pierre Curzi.
  • Lisette Lapointe.
  • Jean-Martin Aussant.

Some PQ members are asking her to consider whether she should step down, as the party's polling numbers stagnate, despite the Liberal Party government's chronic unpopularity.

Marois brushed past reporters Wednesday on her way to a caucus meeting, and refused to comment on the crisis engulfing her leadership.

Stéphane Bergeron, the opposition's high-profile public security critic, is reportedly one of the PQ dissenters, but he wouldn't talk about his position after the caucus meeting.

VIDEO: Tim Duboyce reports from the national assembly

Marois lost five MNAs who quit in the summer after clashing with her over her leadership style.

The five elected members now sit as independents at the national assembly.