Current and former Parti Québécois leaders want the Liberal government to make sweeping changes to the Plan Nord.

Former Quebec Premier Jacques Parizeau and Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois said the province's plan to develop mining in the north gives too much to corporations and not enough to Quebec taxpayers.

The criticisms come a day after a northern Innu Chief said he was launching an international campaign denouncing the Plan Nord.

The plan, announced in May, promises energy development, mining, infrastructure, tourism and conservation in a sweeping set of projects that, according to the government, would receive $80 billion in public and private investment over the next 25 years.


Former Quebec Premier Jacques Parizeau proposed sweeping changes to the Plan Nord program Tuesday.

Parizeau told reporters at a press conference Tuesday that in the past, mining companies that wanted to open in Quebec had to pay their own start-up costs.

The Plan Nord, he said, will see public money cover that.

Parizeau said Quebec should demand stock ownership in exchange for financial help to companies.

He also said the province should demand higher royalties than the current 16 per cent.

Marois said she would like Quebec to claim royalties of up to 50 per cent of the value of extracted minerals.

The Liberals said the demands are tantamount to nationalizing the mining industry.

They said Quebecers aren't interested in that.