Hydro-Québec crews have restored power to tens of thousands of customers after strong winds buffeted southern Quebec Tuesday night, downing branches and power lines. 

wind storm damage

A section of Grey Avenue in NDG is blocked off by security tape after a branch fell, smashing a car and downing a city line. (Jeanette Kelly/CBC)

In Montreal overnight wind gusts were as strong as 80 km/h and in Sorel-Tracy, east of Montreal, winds reached up to 95 km/h, according to Environment Canada.

In Ste-Dorothée, Laval, a tree in Melanie Du Sablon's backyard fell into the pool.

laval tree wind storm

A tree in Melanie Du Sablon's backyard in Ste-Dorothée, Laval was uprooted and fell into the pool during Tuesday night's storm. (Photo courtesy of Melanie Du Sablon)

"Thank God no one was hurt but my daughter is so sad. We have her 15th birthday pool party and she has no pool and of course the BBQ got destroyed with the gazebo," Du Sablon told CBC.

The storm knocked out power to more than 93,000 homes and businesses across the province.

That number dropped over the course of the morning, as more than 400 Hydro-Québec employees worked to restore power.

Parc De Lorimier fallen tree branch

Strong winds overnight downed power lines and snapped tree branches, like this one at De Lorimier Park in Montreal's Plateau-Mont-Royal. (Tanya Birkbeck/CBC)

Most customers had their electricity restored by 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Hydro-Québec officials said that the regions with the most extensive damage should have their power back by 11 p.m.