For the first time, Montrealers are devoting an entire week to a comfort food that's become a city staple.

But poutine has moved beyond far beyond its humble roots of gravy, cheese curds and fries.

Delectable topping choices now traverse the divide between fast food and fine dining. Montreal restaurants now offer non-traditional poutine garnishes ranging from marinated eggplant to filet mignon to guacamole. 

But, for the poutine purveyors, those offerings don't come without controversy.

"It gets pretty vicious," said Devin DeSousa, co-owner of the Fabergé Restaurant where the signature dish is a breakfast poutine complete with Hollandaise sauce.

"When someone like a classic-style poutine and you bring something new to the table, there are problems there."

CBC's Catherine Cullen reports on the creative new face of the classic dish.