Members of the union representing Montreal's police officers are taking to the streets outside the department's headquarters on St. Urbain Street this morning to protest work schedules they say are unfair and old-fashioned.

Yves Francoeur, president of the union, said the City's is forcing officers to return to a work schedule from the 1970s.

This comes after the city decided to not continue a pilot project which allowed police to work weeks to three days a week with extended hours.

Today the union also bought ads in several newspapers. The ads are laid out to look like a job offer, which describes the position as being a fit for anyone interested in working with outdated equipment and a schedule that doesn't take into account family life and health.


Montreal officers gather in front of police headquarters on St. Urbain Street. (CBC)

Thursday's protest comes after a war of words broke out last week between the mayor of Montreal and the head of the police union.

Mayor Michael Applebaum told media on Friday that he was personally threatened by Francoeur and given an ultimatum to extend the police-scheduling pilot project to next year.

Francoeur denied the allegations, demanding an apology.

"The only way to settle this, once again, is not by protests, it’s not by advertising in newspapers," Applebaum said.

"I am firm in my decision. I will support the chief of police Marc Parent, and also the head of the personnel department."