Several Montrealers were surprised to find tickets on their windshields yesterday, after a parking zone switched to a no-stopping zone partway through the day.

'At six-thirty there was no sign ... and at noon they gave me a ticket for parking' - Jean Bilodeau

Jean Bilodeau, who works in the area in the Southwest borough, said he found the $86 ticket when he got out of work at 3:30 p.m. on Monday.

He said at first, it didn’t make sense. Then he spotted a new sign that he says wasn’t there when he arrived first thing in the morning.

“At six-thirty there was no sign, at ten there was a new sign and at noon they gave me a ticket for parking where there’s a no-parking sign," Bilodeau told CBC's Daybreak.

The three parking spots in question are located in front of the Parisian Laundry art gallery, on Sainte-Antoine Street.

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Gallery director Jeanie Riddle said she happened to look out the window and saw the crews putting up the no-stopping sign at about 10 a.m. yesterday.

She said even though the spots are directly in front of her building, they were never warned about the changes.

“No one asked us, it just happened,” she told CBC's Daybreak.

Riddle said it’s clear there was some sort of breakdown in communication between city staff.

“I find it absurd … you know you think you could just reach out to the neighbourhood and say something … Tell people. communicate with your environment. It’s pretty simple to me,” Riddle said.

Bilodeau said he’s not sure if he will contest the ticket, because it would mean missing an entire day’s work - worth more than an $86 ticket.

CBC is still seeking a response from the South-West borough and the City of Montreal. Neither returned calls to Daybreak by Tuesday morning.

parking ticket Jean Bilodeau

Jean Bilodeau found this ticket on his windshield after he parked his car in what used to be a parking zone, at 3550 Rue St-Antoine West. (Jean Bilodeau)