Some 300 police officers took part in drug raids across Quebec on Wednesday.

The police operation got underway before dawn in several municipalities including Laval, east-end Montreal and Quebec City.

Officers are carrying out 34 search warrants and expect to arrest 28 individuals by the end of the day, including one suspect in Ottawa.

So far, police have seized more than 450 kilograms of marijuana, tens of thousands of dollars and about two dozen vehicles.

Authorities began investigating the alleged drug ring one year ago. They say it was growing marijuana and shipping it to Newfoundland and parts of the United States.

Officers with the RCMP, Quebec provincial police and many municipal forces are taking part in the raids.

Daniel Guérin, who speaks for the integrated force, calls it a major operation. "They have a lot of drugs...and the worth of this is about one million dollars" per month, he said.

Guerin also says Revenue Canada and Revenue Quebec will be looking into the finances of many of the individuals arrested.

The suspects are expected to appear in court on Wednesday afternoon to face several charges.