Quebec City police had their first run-in with Pokémon Go players on Tuesday, and it didn't go very well.

A driver and passenger playing the game in a car crashed into a police cruiser when they reversed suddenly in the parking lot of the library on Bastien Boulevard.

Officers had been preparing to pull over the car for failing to signal a turn when the accident happened.

Two police officers went to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries sustained in the collision.

When asked by police, the two players admitted to playing the game, and said they hadn't noticed the police car following them into the parking lot.

The driver of the car walked away with two $30 tickets — one for failing to signal, and the other for not properly looking behind the car before reversing.

"It's a new phenomenon, so be careful," said Quebec City spokesman Pierre Poirier, adding that cyclists and pedestrians should also be cautious while playing the game.