Some residents in Pointe-Claire are frustrated by construction work on their residential street, and claim the city hasn't done enough to communicate with them. 

Marian Morkill lives on Donegani Avenue, and said that while she was told the construction would limit access to her driveway, she wasn't told when it would happen. She said she arrived home last week and was surprised to find orange cones blocking her driveway.

Morkill went to city hall to find out more.

"I waited there for approximately 20 minutes and didn't get any further ahead with the people over there, who were everybody from the receptionist, to public works to an engineer who actually never materialized with the phone calls," she said.

Marian Morkill

Marian Morkill said she has had trouble getting information about construction schedules for her street in Pointe-Claire. (CBC)

The city did issue permits so residents can park on a nearby street, but that brings its own set of problems.

"I go out there, I cut right across my neighbour's lawn for anything," said Morkill, pointing at the route she now takes to avoid the drop off at the end of her driveway.

Pointe-Claire's mayor, Morris Trudeau, told CBC News he wouldn't be discussing the construction issue until Monday. 

Not all residents are struggling though.

"We didn't complain, they told us what they're going to do, what kind of help they're going to give us and that's it. No complaints," said Ted Wychocki, who lives on the other end of the street.