PM’s media strategy criticized

Journalism associations from across Canada have written an open letter criticizing Prime Minister Stephen Harper's tight information control.

It doesn't appear that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's poor relationship with the news media is improving much.

Journalism associations from across the country have rapped the Harper government on the knuckles over its tight information control.

In an open letter, journalist organizations say the governing Tories' actions pose a threat to the public's right to know.

The letter notes that now, even no-comments are starting to be delivered off the record.

The letter also describes how elected people and federal employees are muzzled, images are heavily staged, and Access to Information requests are blocked by political staff.

The letter is signed by the heads of the parliamentary press galleries in Ottawa and some provinces, as well as journalism associations.

The letter calls on reporters to push back by refusing to accept vague email responses to substantive questions that require an interview with a cabinet minister.

The Prime Minister's Office gave no response to a request for comment on the letter.