Quebec's new education minister, Pierre Moreau, is on a forced leave of absence after spending the last four days in hospital.

According to Radio-Canada, Moreau left the National Assembly's Red Room in an ambulance after suffering from a malaise.

It happened last Thursday, on the day Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard shuffled his cabinet. Moreau was named the province's new education minister, taking over from François Blais.

Moreau has now been released from hospital, and will be home recovering for a few days before returning to his duties.

"Mr. Moreau will come back to work slowly," his spokeswoman Catherine Poulin told Radio-Canada.

There is no known diagnosis at this time.

Before the cabinet shuffle, Moreau was in charge of two ministries: Municipal Affairs and Public Security, which he temporarily took over after Public Security Minister Lise Thériault went on sick leave.