In spite of suffering numerous injuries in a bicycle accident one week ago, Pierre Karl Péladeau, the MNA Saint-Jérôme, is taking his seat in the National Assembly today.

At a news conference this afternoon, Péladeau said he “feels good,” and wanted to take office as quickly as possible.

'My whole right side — the shoulder, arm and leg — can't be used. But half is enough." - Pierre Karl Péladeau

“I think my role is important as a spokesman for economic development. I hope to get caught up with all the files I will follow in the weeks and months to come,” said Péladeau.

Péladeau's appearance at the National Assembly was a surprise for many, as his doctors previously said he may need three months of recovery time.

Péladeau suffered multiple fractures, including his hip and clavicle

He must also still use a wheelchair. 

The former president of Quebecor Media was discharged from the CHUS hospital in Sherbrooke on Saturday, where he had been hospitalized since May 18.

"My whole right side — the shoulder, arm and leg — can't be used. But half is enough," said Péladeau.

Péladeau said he wanted to quash rumours that he would use the accident as an opportunity to withdraw from political life.

"On several occasions, several people have said that I would not sit as MNA for Saint-Jérôme. They are making a serious mistake. I have repeated several times that I will serve my term as an MNA,” said Péladeau.