Learning how to think critically is an all-ages activity according to the Montreal-based philosophy summer camp Brila.

It was started by a Concordia PhD student, Natalie Fletcher, who wanted to help kids defend themselves intellectually against bullies and start developing their own wisdom.

"They get to see what their own potential is, and they get to live it out immediately rather than just see themselves as eventual adults," Fletcher said.

Some campers return every year and say they always learn something new when they attend.

"If I had to define wisdom, I feel like I wouldn't be able to without hearing everyone's opinion and point of view," camper Valeria Prato-Diaz said.

The kids say they'll use what they've learned here when they head back to school.

"They've helped me like, answer tons of questions I wouldn't have thought of answering myself," camper Cashel Patrick O'Connell said.

Campers discuss ideas in a circle and learn to respect each others turn to speak.

One of the themes at the camp was learning about wisdom. 

"Most adults, I think, would not necessarily think children capable of thinking for two hours on this topic," said camp counselor Baptiste Roucau.

Children aged five to 12 attend the day camp, which is located at Concordia's Loyola Campus. 

with files from CBC's Navneet Pall