Pedestrian barriers in NDG questioned

Pedestrians are questioning a new metal barrier that prevents them from using a sidewalk on Côte Saint-Luc Road over the Décarie Expressway.

NDG city councillor says measures needed to improve traffic flow and protect pedestrians

Pedestrians call the new barrier on the Côte Saint-Luc Road sidewalk over the Décarie Expressway "useless," but the borough council says it's needed to improve the flow of traffic. (Rebecca Ugolini/CBC News)

Pedestrians are questioning new metal barriers that prevents them from using a sidewalk on Côte Saint-Luc Road at the Décarie Expressway.

Pedestrians interviewed by CBC News at the intersection called the new barrier “useless” and “not fair.”

Others, however, said the intersection was dangerous for pedestrians trying to navigate the two lanes of traffic turning onto the Décarie Expressway.

In an interview on CBC Radio’s Daybreak, City Councillor Peter McQueen of Projet Montréal said that danger is one reason why the six-foot-tall metal barriers on the south side sidewalk of Côte Saint-Luc Road were installed at the request of the Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Borough Council.

McQueen explained that the measure became necessary after Transport Quebec approved the move to two turning lanes.

“It was clear that if two lanes of cars were going to turn, you couldn’t have pedestrians crossing there because the outside lane can’t see them,” McQueen said.

He explained that the barriers are intended to force pedestrians to walk down to Monkland Avenue and cross over the Décarie Expressway there, where it’s safer to do so.

When asked how long the measures would be in place, McQueen said it’s possible that the sidewalk could be closed to pedestrians for good.

It’s a necessary trade-off in order to calm traffic on other streets in NDG, he said.

“They’re absolutely critical to keep traffic moving so that we can get cars off other streets like Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Avenue and Sherbrooke Street,” McQueen told CBC News.