A father who who appeared on TV discussing the Paris attacks with his six-year-old son says he is surprised at the massive response the video has elicited.

"Now I'm walking down the street and a lot of people stop me and say 'thank you for giving a good education to your son.' I'm very surprised," Angel Le told CBC's Daybreak Tuesday from Paris.

In the video, Le is seen at a memorial site to the attack victims reassuring his son Brandon, who notes that "the bad guys...have guns. They can shoot us because they're really, really mean daddy."

"They might have guns but we have flowers," the father replies, explaining that the flowers and candles that had been laid outside the concert hall were to protect them and to remember the victims.

Young Brandon then smiles and tells the reporter: "I feel better."

Angel Le said that his reassuring words came out spontaneously. "My son asked me a very hard question to answer, so I just said the first words that came into my head and what I saw was the flowers and candles," he says.

Although young Brandon was reassured, he has still not yet entirely shed his apprehensions. "I was almost killed and yes I'm still scared."