Basil Parasiris speaks to the media with his wife Penny Gounis, left, and sister Chrisa Parasiris, after being released on bail from a Montreal prison in 2007. ((Canadian Press))

Basil Parasiris, the man acquitted of murdering a Laval police officer in 2008, was paroled Monday after serving one third of his 20-month sentence for weapons charges.

Parasiris pleaded guilty and was sent to jail for not having a proper permit for the handgun he used to shoot Const. Daniel Tessier two years ago. A year ago, a jury accepted Parasiris' claim he was acting in self-defence when he shot Tessier.

Parasiris' parole conditions include the following:

  • He will have to get a job or prove he's looking for one.
  • He's not allowed to have weapons in his possession.
  • He must live at his parents' home.
  • He must stay away from people with criminal records.
  • He must report to his parole officer once a week and to police once a month.

Parasiris will be on parole for the next 11 months.