Paramedics and ambulance drivers are about to launch a new pressure tactic against their employer —​ Urgences-Santé.  

The paramedics union says that as of midnight, they won't charge for extra time when it takes more than 15 minutes to arrive after a 911 call.    

The union says this means less income for Urgences-Santé, without compromising emergency services.

"Lives have been — and still are — in danger simply because they do not want to inject the necessary funds,” said paramedic union president, Réjean Leclerc.

Paramedics say they want to draw attention to a shortage of ambulance resources in Montreal and Laval and are calling on Quebec's health minister, Gaétan Barrette, to intervene quickly.   

The action marks the end of a truce between ambulance drivers and Urgences-Santé that's been in place since last April.

Paramedics have been calling for more vehicles and teams since May 2013.

They say they want the province to create about 40 new full-time jobs.