Organizer of missing-women memorial pleads guilty to fraud

The man suspected of being at the centre of an unfinished memorial project for murdered and missing native women in BC has admitted to fraud.

Sean Kirkham, the man behind 'The Living Stones' memorial project, faces 10 counts of fraud, theft

Sean Kirkham, the man behind a project to commemorate murdered and missing women in B.C. had a criminal history, has pleaded guilty to fraud. (CBC)

The man at the centre of an unfinished memorial project for murdered and missing native women has admitted to fraud in other matters.

Sean Kirkham was in a Montreal courthouse on Monday where he pleaded guilty to 10 counts of fraud and theft.

Last week, a CBC News investigation learned that the man behind a project to commemorate murdered and missing women in B.C. had a criminal history.

Using funds from a non-profit that he called the 'Canadian Foundation for Creative Development and Innovation,' Kirkham had promised to lay 62 stone plaques in the last known location of murdered or missing women.

To date, however, only four of the plaques have actually been laid, and Kirkham has failed to pay many of the people involved in the project for their work.

Last week, CBC reported that Kirkham was facing 20 separate charges for fraud and theft dating back to 2007 in Whistler, and fraud, identity theft and forgery from 2008 to 2010 in Montreal.

On Monday, the court heard how Kirkham impersonated one of his bosses to get a supplementary credit card in his own name, and then used it to run up massive bills.

Kirkham is due back in court on Jan. 23 for sentencing.


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