Protesters with Quebec City's Occupy movement say they have no intention of leaving a downtown park, despite marching orders issued by authorities.

People camping out with the Occupy Quebec movement were told Thursday to tear down their camp for safety reasons, or risk police intervention.

A fire broke out at the protest site — in Place de l'Université du Québec — earlier this week.

City officials who inspected the grounds Thursday confiscated stoves and extension cords, citing the fire hazard, but didn't dismantle any tents or evict protesters.

The Occupy participants vow to stay put.

The tent dwellers are rallying in support of the same range of causes that inspired similar protests across Canada and around the world.

Municipal officials said they hoped the protesters would leave quietly, suggesting they have had more than enough time to make their point.

Officials wouldn't say what measures could be taken if protesters don't leave the park.

The fire hazard issue is also being raised in Vancouver, where Occupy protesters have been ordered stop using open flames, remove unoccupied tents and spread out those in use.

In Halifax, the province's labour federation donated $5,000 to Occupy protesters camping outside city hall, to help finance winter preparations.