The occupation of Montreal's Victoria Square in the heart of the city's financial district continued on Monday morning, with a slew of tents taking over the public space.

Around 200 protesters were assembled Monday, with 85 tents set up under a canopy of trees and blue tarps in the middle of the square.

Demonstrators have also organized a makeshift kitchen area and a health clinic.

large demonstration on Saturday drew 1,000 people and culminated in a march along Ste-Catherine Street before protesters returned to the square.

Occupy Montreal, an offshoot of the occupation of Wall Street in New York City which started last month, was one of several such events that took place across Canada and around the world over the weekend. The movement takes aim at problems in the current political and economic system and at the growing disparity between the masses and elites.


Protesters have decorated the statue of Queen Victoria that sits in the shadow of Montreal's Stock Exchange Tower. ((Peter Akman/CBC))

Most of the demonstrators bunked down in cities across Canada, and there are expected to be more demonstrations Monday.

In Montreal, protesters said they want to remain in Victoria Square for the opening of the city's Stock Exchange Tower, and others promised to stay longer.

There was minimal police presence around the square early Monday morning, the CBC's Elias Abboud reported.