A jury reviewing the murder trial of a Quebec cardiologist accused of killing his children finished its fifth day of deliberations without reaching a verdict.

The jury sent word Monday afternoon that they were finished deliberating for the day and had not yet agreed on a verdict in Guy Turcotte's double murder trial.

Acquittal is not an option, as Turcotte freely admits to having killed his children in February 2009.

The jury needs to decide on Turcotte's intent and state of mind when he stabbed his young son and daughter to death.

Over the weekend, the 11-person jury asked to review parts of testimony given by Turcotte and a psychiatrist who treated him at a Montreal hospital.

Jury members have four scenarios from which to choose their verdict:

  1. Premeditated murder (automatic life in prison sentence.)
  2. Non-premeditated murder.
  3. Manslaughter.
  4. Not criminally responsible because of mental disorder.

Turcotte was in the midst of splitting up with his wife when he killed his children, a boy and a girl. Their bodies were found in a home he rented in Piedmont, north of Montreal.

His estranged spouse, also a physician, has sat through most of Turcotte's court proceedings over the last several weeks.