Every year, people from around the world choose to make Montreal their new home. For the second straight year, CBC's Daybreak is asking some of these new Montrealers about their motives and aspirations.


Victoria Montalvo

Where she's from

Houston, Texas (but for the past 5 years I've lived in Austin, TX for college)

Why she chose to make Montreal home

I had planned on moving out of Texas after graduating from college...the question was where!  I wanted something a lot like Austin — lots of events and concerts and festivals, good public transportation, but I also wanted to know somebody who lived there and some place affordable. Montreal was the perfect fit because I had a connection here. I visited over the summer for a week and fell in love with the city. That's when I knew I'd be coming back!

What surprised her the most when she got here

Probably how affordable it is to live here! Usually cities with a strong cultural scene are not easy to get by in the States. It also makes a bigger difference for me since I'm coming in with U.S. money. (Great conversion rates currently!)

The best part about being here so far

Everybody is super friendly here, so it's been very easy to meet people and make friends. I love the nightlife too — lots of great places to hang out and drink and see great shows.

The biggest challenge about being here so far

Definitely getting used to the cold! Fortunately it hasn't been too bad so far. I do miss my cat a lot (and my family and friends), but we Skype a lot.

What she can't wait to do in 2016

Hopefully I'll have a set income-making gig in a month or two, and then I can also look forward to moving into my own little place, maybe in the Plateau because that's where a lot of friends I've made, and venues I like to go to, are. I'm also looking forward to going to Montreal festivals I haven't been to yet!

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