Naomie Tremblay-Trudeau sends Quebec City police legal notice

The woman who was hit by a tear gas canister fired at close range by Quebec City police says she is pursuing legal action.

Tremblay-Trudeau, 18, suffered injuries after being hit by tear gas canister at close range

Naomie Trudeau-Tremblay says she was hit in the face with a tear gas canister while protesting in Quebec City on Thursday. (Radio-Canada)

The woman who was hit by a tear gas canister fired at close range by Quebec City police says she is pursuing legal action.

A letter delivered by Naomie Tremblay-Trudeau's lawyer asks Quebec City police for an apology and for damages.

Tremblay-Trudeau's lawyer, Marc Lemaire, said he hopes they can reach a settlement rather than filing a lawsuit.

A video of police shooting Tremblay-Trudeau surfaced after a budget-day protest in Quebec City on March 26, 2015.

The 18-year-old CEGEP student suffered injuries to her face and was taken to hospital.

"I was gasping for air… I lost consciousness," she said in an interview with CBC News.

Shortly after, her family said it would seek legal recourse.

Quebec's police ethics commission is investigating the incident.


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