My Quebec is . . .

Quebec's political parties are talking about their visions for the province. What is yours?

Share your vision of the province with us

In this election campaign, Quebec's political parties are advancing their visions of the province's future. 

But what is most important to you?

We want to know what values, experiences and ideas make up a province you're proud to call home.  

What is your Quebec?

Upload a photo to Your News, email a picture to or Tweet us @CBCMontreal with a snapshot of yourself and a few words telling us what about Quebec is most important to you.  

CBC Montreal's Mike Finnerty (CBC)
Take your photo anywhere — in your favourite place, with your favourite people, or simply by yourself.

Keep your submissions to a few words and get creative!  

Make sure the writing is visible, and please include your name and where you live in your email or tweet.  

You must also ensure your submission complies with submission guidelines.  

Your vision of this province will become part of our ongoing coverage of the 2012 provincial election.

So tell us:   

My Quebec is. . .