A man killed at an after-hours club in Montreal on the weekend was a victim of mistaken identity. And his killer is still on the loose.

Raymond Ellis, 25, died in what police believe was a gang-related killing.

The clothing salesman was at Aria Bar, a legal after-hours club on St. Denis Street with a few friends on Saturday night.

Ellis was attacked and stabbed by several people in the bar, says police spokesperson Laurent Gingras.

"He suffered major wounds, and died of his wounds later in the day," Gingras says.

Investigators believe Ellis was killed by members of a Montreal street gang.

The suspects believed he was the person who had killed one of their friends at a pool hall in the city's north end. It was retribution, but directed at the wrong man.

"The 25-year-old was apparently the victim of mistaken identity and was not related in any way to gangs," Gingras says.

Officers arrested 24 people at the after-hours club, but they were all released, Gingras said.

Investigators are still poring over eyewitness accounts of the murder, and other evidence found at the scene.