Richard Bergeron

Richard Bergeron (Facebook)

​Richard Bergeron 

Party: Projet Montreal

Age: 54

Occupation: Politician/Urban planner

Key issues: Review governance structures in Montreal and reduce the powers of the executive committee; Develop true urban neighbourhoods; Improve and expand public transit and invest in electric transit with a modern tramway; Protect green spaces; Expand pedestrian streets.

Claude Blais

Party: Independent 

Michel Brûlé

Michel Brûlé (Michel Brûlé)

Michel Brûlé

Party: Intégrité Montréal

Occupation: businessman, publisher, writer

Key issues: government transparency; reduction of top-heavy administration and number of elected officials; revamping of public transit system that would include free fares for students, seniors and parents with young children; promotion of Montreal to the rest of the world as an open, cosmopolitan, and francophone city.

Denis Coderre

Denis Coderre (Facebook)

​Denis Coderre 

Party: Équipe Denis Coderre pour Montréal

Age: 50

Occupation: Politician (former federal MP)

Key platform issues: Create the position of inspector general to investigate and fight corruption; Invest in the development and support of local artists, cultural institutions and companies; Ensure that Montreal is a leader in social development; Maximize the use of existing transportation infrastructures. 

Marcel Côté

Marcel Côté (Facebook)

Marcel Côté

Party: Coalition Montréal - Marcel Côté

Age: 70

Occupation: Economist, public policy expert

Key Issues: Create an ethics commissioner position; Develop a clear and efficient administrative process for contract management; Develop an integrated policy to attract families to the city; Promote better traffic practices to promote safer streets; Improve the ecological management of waste; Accelerate the development of active public transit.

Louai Hamida

Louai Hamida (Facebook)

​ Louai Hamida

Party: Independent

Age: 35

Occupation: Industrial Engineering degree from Concordia University and experience in operations management and quality control.

Key platform issues: Involve Montrealers in decision making; Full public disclosure on publicly-funded projects; Improve rules to improve safety for cyclists; Develop pedestrian areas in the city and increase spaces for people; Develop social housing and create food banks for low-income families.

Melanie Joly

Mélanie Joly (Facebook)

​ Mélanie Joly​

Party: Vrai changement pour Montréal - Groupe Mélanie Joly

Age: 34

Occupation: Lawyer

Key platform issues: Put in place a 130 kilometre rapid bus network by 2010; Make all tendering documentation held by the city accessible to the public; Pedestrianize Ste-Catherine street in the summer and extend business hours; Work with social groups to find shelter for vulnerable individuals and families. 

Paunel Paterne Matondot

Paunel Paterne Matondot (Facebook)

​ Kofi Sonokpon

Party: Independent

Age: 40

Occupation: Aeronautics expert, Bombardier

Key platform issues: Restore Montrealers' confidence in their city; Empower youth and new immigrants; 

Reinforce Montreal's leadership in aerospace and technology; Improve quality of and access to public transit.

 Kofi Sonokpon

Kofi Sonokpon (

​ Clément Sauriol 

Party: Independent

Age: 67

Occupation: Secretary/Researcher at a not-for-profit

Key platform issues: Freeze property tax for next four years and get rid of the welcome tax; Collect, with interest, the funds misappropriated from the city; Make significant investments in social development; Cut the police budget.

Patricia Tulasne

​Party: Independent

Age: 54

Joseph Young

Party: Independent