Entrepreneur Nicolo Milioto, who was caught on surveillance footage taking out wads of cash stuffed in his socks, is scheduled to testify next week in front of Quebec's corruption commission.

Milioto, who is the former president of Mivela Construction, is known to call himself "Monsieur Trottoir" (Mr. Sidewalk) because of the high number of sidewalk construction contracts obtained by his company.

Milioto was caught on camera by the RCMP taking out bundles of cash from his socks before handing it over to high-ranking members of the Rizzuto clan at former Consenza Social Club, a notorious Sicilian Mafia hangout.

Before Milioto can take the stand, commissioners are waiting to hear the end of the testimony of Giuseppe Borsellino, president of Garnier Construction. It seems lawyers representing various parties want to cross-examen Borsellino before moving on to the next witness.

The Charbonneau commission has also indicated analyst-investigator Guy Desrosiers will deliver testimony.