A 29-year-old mother who left her infant son locked in her car in the parking lot of a Montreal shopping centre Thursday will have to pay a $100 fine and could face criminal charges.

Montreal police spokesman Manuel Couture told CBC News that the mother received a ticket for leaving a child under the age of seven without surveillance in a car that was under her control.

The ticket is $60 plus fees, for a total fine of $100.

He also said the case was being referred to a Crown prosecutor, who will determine if there is enough evidence to proceed with charges of criminal negligence.

Witnesses in the parking lot of the Rockland Centre in the Town of Mount Royal called 911 after they saw a baby crying inside the locked vehicle.

Police have determined that the seven-month-old baby was left alone in the locked car for 40 minutes.

The temperature at the time was around 22 C.

“It was pretty hot inside the car,” Couture said.

Police arrived and found the baby crying and sweating.

They had to break the car window to access the baby.

Officers spent 10 minutes trying to locate the boy’s mother, who was eventually located after she was paged over the shopping centre’s intercom.

The baby was transported to hospital, where he was examined and released.

Couture said Quebec’s youth protection service was also notified, which is standard procedure in such cases.