Dozens of West Island residents tired of noise from planes flying overhead at night protested at the airport authority's annual general meeting Thursday, demanding an end to late-night flights.


A protester who lives near the airport holds up a sign with a slogan in French that translates as 'Daily Stress? No thanks.' ((CBC))

About 150 people from Lachine, Lasalle, Dorval and Laval picketed in front of an office building in downtown Montreal where executives with the Montreal Airport Authority (ADM) were gathered for their annual general meeting.

The residents, most of whom live in the airport's surrounding area, want the authority to ban late-night flights and put an end to plans for new flight corridors in the city's west end.

People are concerned by the air and noise pollution generated by overnight departures and landings.

The ADM already staggers flight schedules to minimize disruption and is planning to open new flight corridors over Lachine and Lasalle to further reduce the number of planes flying over the West Island.

Lachine and Lasalle residents have banded together to fight that proposal. Earlier this spring, municipal authorities endorsed a motion opposing the airport's plans.

Protesters suggested the ADM reroute overnight flights to Mirabel airport, north of Montreal, which was once an international hub for air traffic but now handles cargo traffic exclusively.