Lawyers are delivering their closing statements in the trial of a young Montreal couple accused of preparing to go to Syria to fight with ISIS.

The prosecution also accuse Sabrine Djermane, 21, and El Mahdi Jamali, 20, of having instructions and materials to make a bomb.

They were arrested in the spring of 2015 and are facing charges of:

  • Attempting to leave Canada to commit a terrorist act.
  • Possession of an explosive substance.
  • Committing an act under the direction of, or for the profit of, a terrorist organization.

Djermane and Jamali were both present at the Montreal courthouse Monday and watched, mostly expressionless, as prosecutor Lyne Décarie delivered her closing arguments.

She asked the jury to consider the evidence as a whole, rather than as individual parts. 

"Everything is a question of context," she told the court. 

Buying nails, she said, is hardly an abnormal act. But, she added, when evidence suggests the pair also had some of the ingredients necessary to make a bomb, the nails take on a whole different meaning. 

Depleted bank accounts, maxed out credit

Décarie also underscored the financial situation of the pair leading up to their arrest.

She reminded the jury that evidence shows the couple had overdrawn, or at least mostly depleted, their bank accounts, and maxed out their lines of credit.

Décarie will continue with her closing arguments this afternoon.

The defence lawyers for the pair are expected to deliver their final statements next. Lawyers for the accused opted not to mount a defence in the case.

The jury has heard testimony that the pair had bomb-making materials, audio of jihadist chants and images found on electronic devices in their apartment. Evidence was also presented suggesting they were preparing to go to Syria at the time they were arrested.

Last month, Superior Court Justice Marc David withdrew one of the four charges against Djermane and Jamali — the charge of facilitating a terrorist act.

The judge told the jury Monday he made the decision for legal reasons and that it should not affect the jurors' consideration of the remaining charges.

With files from Jaela Bernstien