The union representing Montreal’s white collar workers says it’s prepared to mount a general strike against Quebec’s proposed pension reform legislation, Bill 3.

The threat is the latest step in the union’s campaign against the controversial bill.

Among other provisions, Bill 3 would see municipal workers pay a greater share of their pensions.

Montreal's white collar workers are responsible for processing everything from building permits to municipal taxes and a strike could affect those services.

To date, union members have been expressing their opposition to the proposed legislation by wearing pyjama bottoms or jogging pants to work on Mondays.

Starting next week, they’ll do so every day.

On Thursday, union president Alain Fugère said ramping up their protest tactics to a general strike is possible.

“We have to present our proposed steps [against Bill 3] to our membership in the fall, and we’re prepared to go as far as suggesting a general strike if nothing has changed,” he told Radio-Canada.

Adding weight to that threat is the fact Montreal’s 10,000 white collar workers have been without a contract since 2011, which puts them in a legal position to strike.

The union representing Montreal’s blue collar workers also threatened a general strike against Bill 3 earlier this week.

Fugere said the debate around the proposed legislation means negotiations for a new contract will now be pushed back until December at the earliest.

National Assembly hearings into Bill 3 begin August 20.