A crowd of around 200 demonstrators took to the snowy sidewalks outside Montreal’s Russian consulate Sunday to protest against the mobilization of Russian armed forces into Ukraine.

Protesters wrapped in Ukrainian flags held signs denouncing Vladimir Putin and chanted “Putin hands off the Ukraine” and “No war in Ukraine!”

Others held pictures and prayed for the more than 100 people killed since anti-government protests erupted in Ukraine in late November.

Many protesters have family and friends back in Ukraine and fear for their safety as the possibility of war with Russia grows greater.

Other members of Montreal’s Ukrainian community gathered at a local orthodox church to comfort and support one another.

Montreal ukraine protests

Members of Montreal's Ukrainian community gathered outside of the Russian consulate to protest against the mobilization of Russia's armed forces into the Crimea over the weekend. (CBC)

“We’re keeping the television on to catch the latest news. And we’re trying to support loved ones still there. My parents are crying a lot, as am I,” said Sophie Svirski.