In a bid to make it easier for downtown residents to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, the City of Montreal on Friday launched a new pilot project that will bring healthy produce close to people.

It's called Fruixi, and it comes in the form of a portable three-wheeled cart with a trailer mounted on the back.

The trailer has shelves that can be covered by a pop-up awning, and different plastic trays carry heaps of fresh produce such as tomatoes, eggplants, green peppers, zucchini and romain lettuce.

The aim is to promote healthy living through health diets, Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay said.

As food is one of the most impotant factors for promoting good health, Fruixi stalls are useful because they provide access to good food within walking distance to some neighbourhoods where it may not be as convenient to purchase fruits and vegetables, said Lise Bertrand of the Department of Public Health Agency of Health and Social Services of Montreal.

Six Fruixi carts will be deployed through the city this summer, beginning June 17 until Oct. 16. The stalls will serve parks in Ville-Marie and Plateau Mont-Royal as well as three hospitals - Hôtel-Dieu, Saint-Luc and Notre-Dame.