If you've been to the grocery store or any bulk store to pick up nuts in Montreal lately, odds are you noticed just how expensive they've become.

According to Eric Fortin, the president of Délices de la Forêt, a nut wholesale importer based in St. Hubert, the price of nuts has shot through the roof in the past couple years.

"For almonds for example, we've seen the price double in just a year," he said.

Fortin says prices rise for a number of reasons including how the crop fared, the kind of demand and how the Canadian dollar is doing compared to the American one.

​Nathalie Provost, the president and director of sales of Les Soeurs en Vrac, says demand hasn't been much of a problem for her company but she's noticed people have been changing their nut habits.

"People are going towards, coming back to the classic peanut," she said.

"I think they are just going to change their habits, instead of buying the more expensive nut."

Provost — who owns the company with her sisters — says they've had to get creative with the nut mixes in order to provide lower prices for their customers.

"We tried to recreate new mixes which have a little bit of a lower price point," she said.

Fortin says he doesn't think the trend of increasing prices is going to stop anytime soon and he'll have to rethink how he does business if that's the case.