Fredy Villanueva was killed by Montreal police on Aug. 9, 2008. ((Canadian Press))

Residents in Montreal North gathered Tuesday night to support family members of an 18-year-old shot by police last month.

Fredy Villanueva was killed in Aug. 9 during a late-night altercation with Montreal police in a local parking lot.

His death sparked a riot in the multicultural borough that saw residents torch cars, garbage cans and loot family-owned businesses.

The riot underscored a deep rift between many people in the borough and police.

There is a real effort within the community to discuss endemic problems faced by different segments of the population, said Don Hartley, a local resident.

"People that work together, that did not know each other much just shared the same ground, try to talk now, and find a solution so this type of event doesn't happen again," said Hartley, who works with a local choir, Culture X.

Villanueva's shooting is being investigated by Quebec provincial police amid calls for a public inquiry.

His family said they will wait for results from the police investigation before deciding whether they want an inquiry.

A tree near the parking lot where Villanueva was killed has been turned into a makeshift memorial.

People have left photos and flowers, and every week his friends and family visit the impromptu shrine.