Some Metro users on Montreal’s orange line had a big scare this week when a car door stayed open for two stops while the train was in motion.

Hamid Noei caught the incident on video.

Hamid Noei

Hamid Noei took the video of the opened doors in the Montreal Metro. (CBC)

On Dec. 24, like most mornings, Noei got on the Metro at Vendôme station. But it wasn’t long before he realized something was wrong.

“It was really fast and I was shocked, especially at the beginning. I was really confused. Everybody was shocked,” Noei says.

He quickly took out his cellphone and started filming.

“I just tried to, you know, film it — take something to prove that … the door was open,” he continues.

Helen Downie also got on the same Metro car at Vendôme station and saw Noei shoot the video.

She says an STM employee looked at the door while the train was parked in the station, and after some confusion about whether the Metro would continue on its route or stop, the train took off.

"At Vendôme, there was an announcement about a problem with the doors," Downie says. “We watched [the STM employee] try to fix it and then he walked away.”

"I thought they were going to kick people off, but then it was okay and all the doors shut except for that one," she continues.

Downie says there happened to be a number of children on board that particular car, and despite the car being quite full, people were able to move to the other end of the Metro car.

At Lionel-Groulx station, Downie says one person blocked a door with his foot to prevent the train from moving, while another one ran to tell the conductor about the issue.

Both she and Noei got off at that stop.

The STM says this type of incident is fairly rare.

“The Metro is running 78 million kilometres per year so it's normal some mechanical problems occur once in a while, but blocked doors that stay open between two stations is not a problem that occurs very often. We're talking about four or five times a year,” says STM spokeswoman Amélie Régis.

After catching a bit of it on video, Noei says he stood nearby to ward passengers away until he got off the train.

In 2010, an STM passenger caught a similar incident on video.