The estranged husband of a West Island daycare operator charged with child pornography will remain behind bars for five more months.

Kimberly Moskalewski was sentenced to 19 months in jail on child pornography charges. The man has already served 14 months behind bars and will have to spend the remaining five months at the Bordeaux prison in Montreal.

Police found more than 5,000 pornographic photos and videos of young children and babies on his computers.

Crown prosecutor Carolyne Paquin said the judge considered the fact that Moskalewski did not have a criminal record and that an expert concluded his risk of re-offending was relatively low.

Defense lawyer Robert Bellefeuille said the sentence fits the crime but also said his client will have to respect conditions and will be forbidden from using a computer for two years.

"That's what he was doing as a job, being on a computer. So now, he won't be able to do that but the judge said 'listen, if he ever has the possibility of a job [...] you come back in front of me and we'll see what we can do," said Bellefeuille.

Moskalewski is also forbidden from communicating or being with minors. A DNA sample and his name will go on the sex offenders registry.