A man convicted of killing a Montreal area teenager 13 years ago has finally admitted his guilt at a National Parole Board hearing in Saskatoon.

Gregory Bromby told the board he raped and stabbed Tara Manning, 15, in her Dorval home in 1994.

Throughout his trial in 1997, Bromby maintained his innocence. But, at the parole board hearing, he said he killed Manning because she didn't want to be his girlfriend anymore.

He said he was high on drugs at the time. He also admitted to raping three other young women.

The board denied Bromby's request for unescorted temporary absences.

The father of the victim, Mike Manning, said Friday it was a relief to hear the killer finally confess.

"It was emotional, it was hard, but it was nice to hear him say that he murdered Tara," he said.

Manning said he's known since the beginning that Bromby was guilty. He called him a liar and a coward, and he said the admission of guilt so many years later seems insincere.

"I think this is just a way that he's trying to get people on his side, so that he gets parole, and that he gets to walk the streets free. I don't think it's from his heart," he said.

Manning has spent a lot of time since the murder fighting for mandatory DNA testing for people accused of violent crimes. He helped push through federal legislation in 1995.

He said Bromby's belated confession may help him heal emotionally, but he won't stop working as an activist.

"[The confession] does help a bit, but I've really got to start fighting for victims' rights."

Manning said he wants the whereabouts of convicted murderers to be publicized, so people can keep an eye on them once they get out of jail.

He said criminals like Bromby should lose their right to privacy if they commit crimes as brutal his daughter's murder.