The Quebec government tabled a bill this morning to formalize the position of Inspector General for the City of Montreal.

The bill was filed by the Liberal Minister of Municipal Affairs, Pierre Moreau, and accepted by opposition parties.

Moreau said he expects that the adoption of the bill should go smoothly, since Montreal City Hall has not requested further consultations.

"We hope it will be adopted as soon as possible," said Moreau. "I think the mayor does too, and so do  Montreal voters."

The bill was introduced by former Parti Québécois Minister of Municipal Affairs, Sylvain Gaudreault, earlier this year.

Aside from several amendments, the bill is identical to one presented by the PQ government. 

The position is already filled by lawyer Denis Gallant, who is in the process of recruiting his team of investigators.

Main changes in the original bill :

  • The suspension of a contract by the Inspector General does not mean the automatic termination of the contract.
  • The Inspector General shall be appointed by City of Montreal council and not by the agglomeration council.
  • Montreal City Council — not the Executive Committee — may reverse decisions made by the Inspector General.
  • In addition to filing its annual report to the mayor of Montreal, the Inspector General shall submit it to the City Clerk and the commissioner of Quebec's anti-corruption squad, UPAC.