A longstanding holiday tradition to provide hot meals to hundreds of Montrealers in need was held Sunday.

The Accueil Bonneau mission and the Saint-Vincent de Paul Society teamed up to serve a special meal to the city's most vulnerable.

The dîner des rois tradition is an annual tradition that kicks off the year and has been held for decades by the mission.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre was on hand to help out.

"You're not alone," Coderre told the crowd.

More help for Montreal's homeless

He also said that the city is devoted to helping Montrealers living on the streets. 

In December, Coderre announced that the city is moving forward with hiring a full-time advocate to help the homeless.

It is part of a five-year plan aimed to get 2,000 homeless people off the streets and into more stable housing.

"Every situation, every occasion is a great opportunity to make sure we keep the heat on and keep building up towards a solution," Coderre said.

The initiative also includes hiring more social workers and create more affordable housing for those in need.