Montreal police have arrested a man trying to deliver sandbags to a flooded street in the neighbourhood of Roxboro.

On Tuesday afternoon, Alain Furlano brought a pick-up truck and trailer full of sandbags to the corner of Gouin Boulevard and 5e Avenue. He was trying to take the sandbags to the end of the street to reinforce a dike. 

Police spokesperson Const. Jean-Pierre Brabant said Furlano was told repeatedly that by putting down sandbags he risked diverting the flow of water and eroding the ground underneath nearby train tracks, which could in turn make them unsafe.

When Furlano arrived, he was told by police he wouldn't be allowed to take the sandbags down the street. He could dump them at the top of the road, but was warned if he came back with more, he'd be arrested.

Despite warnings, he came back minutes later. Another verbal altercation followed as Furlano continued to yell at police officers.


Alain Furlano is escorted into a police car by Montreal police. (CBC)

'I want to help the citizens'

Furlano got out of his truck and started throwing sandbags on the ground. Shortly afterward, he was handcuffed and taken into a police car.

"I want to help the citizens who need it. The city, police are stopping me," said Furlano.

After his arrest, police and neighbours took the sandbags, put them in a boat and floated them to Furlano's home on 5e Avenue.

Brabant confirmed Furlano is being detained overnight and is expected to be charged with obstruction of justice on Wednesday morning.

Alain Furlano

Alain Furlano tossing sandbags onto the street shortly before being arrested by Montreal police. (CBC)

With files from Ron Charles