Family and friends are in mourning after an apartment building fire claimed the lives of a mother and her teenage son in Pointe-Claire, Que.

"I don't believe this happened. I don't believe … that they've passed away," Gary Soukiassian, the boy's father, told CBC News.

Carolin Boghosian and 14-year-old Razmig Soukiassian were in the apartment where firefighters believe the fire started around 2:15 a.m. on Saturday.

Boghosian's younger son, 11-year-old Raffi, made it out of the building alive, with the help of two Good Samaritans who rushed into the building to rescue people.

"I don't know what to do with myself … I don't know what Raffi and I are going to do," said Soukiassian, surrounded by family in the living room of his Kirkland home.

Raffi told investigators that a misplaced candle set the family's couch on fire, and that his older brother stayed with his mother to try to put out the fire.

It was Razmig's 14th birthday.


A tribute page dedicated to Razmig, who friends called Raz, has sprung up on Facebook, with close to 1,000 posts on Monday morning. ((Facebook))

Good Samaritans save 2

Soukiassian is thankful his younger son was pulled out of the building by two young men.

Andrei Odorico and Giancarlo Torino heard the screams of a woman on a balcony, and decided to rush into the building to save people.

They found Raffi in a smoke-filled hallway and brought him outside, then went back in and saved a man in a wheelchair.

Torino and his friend tried to enter the building a third time, but had to turn back.

"We looked at each other and we knew we can't go any further or else we'll probably die," Torino said.

Officials investigating the cause of the fire said no smoke detector was found in the apartment.

Tributes flood in

Friends and family of the victims had posted close to 1,000 notes on a Facebook memorial page Monday morning.

Many mention the fact that Razmig was a devoted boy scout.

"[He was] definitely a role model, for me anyways, and this kid was only turning 14," his scout leader Ross Bagdasarian said.

Bagdasarian told CBC News that Raz was a positive teen who was willing to overcome any obstacle.