Do you plan on buying a bunny as an Easter pet? The SPCA is asking you to think twice.

The Montreal SPCA takes in hundreds of abandoned rabbits every year once Easter has come and gone.

"Every single year, we receive close to 300 bunnies. We know that most of them are given as gifts or impulse purchases during the Easter holiday," Anita Kapuscinska of the SPCA said.

Most people buy a bunny on impulse without knowing how to care for them, according to the SPCA. 

"Usually, the bunny will get abandoned before he reaches his first birthday," Kapuscinska said.

The SPCA held workshops for potential pet owners to interact one-on-one with rabbits before buying them. 

Kapuscinska adds most bunny buyers don't realize the animals can live up to 12 years and require a lot of space to roam.

With files from La Presse Canadienne