Mikaël Theimer has channelled his frustration with Montreal's never-ending construction into a game through playful pictures showcasing the city's gutted glory.

As a street photographer, Theimer likes to document city life. He's taken about 2,000 photos of construction in Montreal so far.

montreal construction

Theimer says the funny thing about his photos is how normal all this construction has become to Montrealers. (Courtesy Mikaël Theimer)

"People act like there's no construction at all. They act like it's just part of the decor around them," he told CBC Montreal's Homerun.

montreal downtown construction

It's tough to stay classy walking on gravel but Montrealers make it work. (Courtesy Mikaël Theimer)

He says some of his shots, like behind the Bell Centre, are so stark that the city looks like a war zone.

porta potty

Theimer elevates Sani-Vacs to art in his photo series on construction. (Courtesy Mikaël Theimer)

Still, Montrealers just trudge through it and Theimer says that's part of what makes the city interesting.

with files from CBC Montreal's Homerun