Coderre and Bergeron

Denis Coderre and Opposition leader Richard Bergeron butted heads over the 2014 city budget. Bergeron said it showed a lack of ambition. (CBC)

Montreal city council adopted on Monday night the first budget of the Denis Coderre administration after hours of debate.

Thirty-seven elected officials voted for the $4.9 billion budget, while 25 voted against it.

The official opposition party, Projet Montréal, said the budget showed a lack of ambition and an absence of substantial reform. The news release issued by the party also said the new budget does little to alleviate both average Montrealers’ financial burdens and the exodus of city dwellers to the suburbs.

First presented on Jan. 29, the newly adopted 2014 budget calls for an average tax hike of 1.9 per cent.

The Montreal public transit corporation (STM) will receive a $12.5 million budget increase, however, STM officials say that's not enough to maintain the corporation's current level of services, and the STM will have to cut bus service by 3 per cent.

Tax hike rates per borough:

Radio-Canada tax hike map