More than 200 Montrealers gathered for a Black Lives Matter rally in Cabot Square on Saturday afternoon to denounce a string of high profile police shootings of black victims in the United States.

The event was called "Black Lives Matter: What can you do about it?" and it invited participants to discuss concrete ways of combating police brutality and racial prejudice.

Members of the crowd spoke out about a lack of understanding across ethnic groups.

"As a black person, you live [racial discrimination] every single day. And it's kind of hard for you to explain to somebody who's not black," attendee Gavin Green told CBC News.  

The protest was organized by Twese, a group that aims to "promote peace, inclusion and the fight against stereotypes," according to its Facebook page.

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The afternoon rally is the latest of several gathering in Montreal after back-to-back police shootings of black men in the United States. (Antoni Nerestant/CBC)

Co-organizer Anne-Sophie Tzeuton said it's important to denounce injustice at the source.

"People just need to be aware and actually act," Tzeuton said. "If you witness a certain injustice, actually act on it."

Spoken word poetry was featured at the event with artists calling on people from all backgrounds to end discrimination.

"People [need] to realize that you are not an individual in a little bubble that's not affected by everybody," said poet Kym Dominique-Ferguson. "Everybody's lives are affected by everything that happens."

Twese's event is in step with events being held around the world in response to the back-to-back fatal police shootings of black men Philando Castile and Alton Sterling last week. 

Members of Montreal's black community held a closed gathering Monday and a demonstration from Nelson Mandela Park to the city's downtown took place Wednesday.

Another march scheduled for July 24 was cancelled.

with files from Antoni Nerestant