The committee in charge of the Francophone Games has recommend Moncton-Dieppe, N.B., not Sherbrooke, host the 2021 games.

A delegation from Sherbrooke, including Mayor Bernard Sévigny and former premier Jean Charest, made a pitch to the committee earlier this week in Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast.

On Tuesday morning, Sévigny told Radio-Canada the presentation went well.

"We tried to show them the face of Sherbrooke," he said. 

However, on Tuesday afternoon, the government of New Brunswick confirmed the committee decided to recommend Moncton.

The city of Sherbrooke said the cost to nominate the city was $350,000.

Had its bid been successful, the mayor estimated the games would have cost $50 million, but would have generated $100 million in revenue.

The recommendation will be finalized by the committee on April 7.