On Monday, January's Do Crew team kicked off the new year with a kitchen clean-up at the Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre.

The group of first-time Do Crew volunteers tackled everything from scrubbing cupboards and counters to cleaning out fridges and freezers.

Tyndale kitchen clean-up

CBC Do Crew volunteer Evelyne Hertel empties kitchen cupboards and drawers before scrubbing them out at Tyndale clean-up. (Fredy Iuni/CBC)

They even moved the ovens, after cleaning inside them, to get to the walls and floors behind

Three hours later, we all removed our dish gloves, emptied our buckets and mopped up the floor on our way out. 

And just after that, a woman in chef's apron made her way into the kitchen and exhaled a sigh of relief. 

Thanks to this month's Do Crew, the volunteers at Tyndale can focus on making meals and snacks for more than 100 kids every week day. And now they can do it in a freshly cleaned kitchen.

Thanks to Bradford, Evelyne, Marie and Marc for making it happen. 

CBC Do Crew's January 2015 crew!

Volunteers scrubbed, swept and lifted boxes and cooking supplies for a few hours on Jan 26. Right to left: Bradford Dean, Evelyne Hertel, Monique Lacombe, Marc Miller and Marie Murai. (Fredy Iuni/CBC )

Another Do Crew event is just around the corner so stay tuned for details.

We are also reviewing applications for the month of March.

If you are part of a non-profit that needs some hands-on help, get in touch with me today and find out if the Do Crew might be able to help you.

To volunteer or to find out more, simply email me, Monique Lacombe, at monique.lacombe@cbc.ca or call 514-597-4479.