Laval police say a fourth teenage girl reported missing early Friday from the Centre de Jeunesse de Laval has been located in Montreal, safe and sound.

The 16-year-old left the group home on Feb. 1.  

Earlier Friday, Laval police located another of the missing teens who is believed to have run away from the same group home Thursday.

In the case of two of the teens, their parents had come forward to share their stories with the media because they feared their daughters were in danger.  They had reason to believe the girls may have been recruited by a prostitution ring.

Yet another teen reported missing this week, another 16-year-old girl, hasn't yet been found.

Premier 'extremely preoccupied'

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard said Friday he is "extremely preoccupied" after reports of four teenage girls missing from the Centre de Jeunesse de Laval this week.

"It should never happen in a succession like this, in particular," Couillard said. "This is hard to understand and accept."

Couillard added that it was time to see what can be improved within the group home where the teens were staying.